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In case our Nanny and Babysitter Holiday services are Session Fee of Rp 30.000,00 (AUD 2.87 *) per session and Hourly Fee of Rp 55.000,00 (AUD 5.27 *) per hour of service. So, for a full 8 hour service session in our Standard Services Area, you will pay Rp 470.000,00 (AUD 45,02 *). That’s Rp 58,750.00 (AUD 5.63 *) per hour (average).

Here is a list of our services in the following categories:

  • The minimum service and standard area charge is billed 4 hours per day.
  • Service and area Standard 1. minimum billed charge is 4 hours + Additional charge of Standard 1 area per day.
  • Service and area Standard 2 minimum billable charge is 8 hours + Additional charge of Standard 2 area per day.
  • Non Service and Non Service Standard that has not been determined where this charge is billed at least 2 days. If you are visiting in one of the small islands around the island of Bali you need to pay the cost of transportation by land, sea or air.

In the case of daily service for each service session per day, Session Fees will be billed to cover caregiver transportation costs.

The fee amount will follow the tariff according to the Group standard area of 1, 2, 3 tariffs starting from Rp 15.000,00 (AUD 1.44 *) per session, to cover the extra transportation costs of a nanny.

The fee for babysitters on 24/7 (live-in) is Rp 640.000,00 (AUD 61.30 *) per day of service.

Click on the button above to obtain an online quotation for our Holiday Nanny and Babysitter Services and to view the nannies that are available for your holiday. After having received the quotation you can pay a deposit and fill in which nanny you prefer. Your booking will be instantly confirmed.

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Ipah is amazing! My little boy (18mts) loves her and my eldest boy finds her great as well. I feel I can totally trust Sugi when we have gone out for dinner etc... Ipah does more than expected and always has a smile on her face. Thank you so much Ipah. We can't wait to see you again



Rani is WONDERFUL. I feel so lucky to have found a nanny who I feel comfortable to have my 10 month old baby with. She has taken amazing care of my baby and allowed me to have a very relaxing holiday and some much needed "sleepin's". Thank you Rani- you're the best.



My wife and I were very pleased + happy when Rani came to look after our little 18 month old boy. She is fun + attentive to his needs, follows our instructions and a pleasure to have

Nanny / Ausy

Good Help

We found Ipah very capable nanny, she did everything we expected and more. Her calming nature ensured that when we got back to our villa our two year old toddler was vast asleep!! Thanks to Ipah we had a very relaxing holiday. This was our first time hiring a nanny and wouldn't hesitate to do so again through Jack n Jade. Booking & payment of service very easy.


Briliant Nanny

Marta has fantastic Nannies, thanks for Bali nanny Jack and Jade for send Ida to take our children Jackop,


Quickly and reliably!

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